What to Expect at EPYFL Poor House Park Field


The 2019 youth football season starts this Saturday at all fields in the Tri County Youth Football League. Here is what to expect at EPYFL Poor House Park:  

  • Home team warms up on the score board end side field and enters thru the gate provided there
  • Visiting team warms up on the field by the pond and enters thru the main gate. They will proceed to the field thru the gate by the big storage shed
  • Admission is $3.00 adult and $2.00 children of school age
  • We do not allow animals in our facility unless they are “handicap service” dogs. Emotional support dogs are not allowed.
  • Concession stand will be open the entire time. Please help us keep the field  and bleacher area clean  by using the numerous garbage cans
  • The area in front of the bleachers is reserved for the cheerleaders. We do not allow any spectators in this area.
  • Players will exit the game thru the gate they came in. They are not to come thru the middle of the bleachers.
  • Please refrain from expressing opinions to coaches, officials, players or other parents while watching the games.
  • Positive comments however are always welcome.
  • Throwing footballs around the concession area is prohibited. (even though they still throw them after numerous requests to cease) .
  • Any spectator hit by a football, and it will happen, will  be on the parents of the responsible thrower.  
  • We have 10 picnic tables around the concession area to be used for your convenience.
  • Please help us keep these clean.  


Thank you for being a part of the TCYFL. We hope you have a great season.

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